“No legacy is so rich as honesty”

– William Shakespeare

Why Stocks + Wealth Financial Planning

First and foremost, exceptional service.

We define “exceptional service” as the ability to surpass your expectations through attentive proactive interaction, knowledge, expertise and skills to deliver appropriate advice.

Stocks + Wealth’s exceptional investment client retention rate and high client satisfaction are testament to the fact that we are seen as a trusted and reliable source of financial advice by our clients.

Key Attributes


As an independently owned and operated business, our allegiance is solely to you, the client.

We have no bias towards one particular investment house or asset manager which means the advice given is unprejudiced and customized specifically to your unique needs.
We have also made the very deliberate choice not to have in-house funds or products. This ensures full independence in the personal advice and investment strategies dispensed to our clients ensuring there is no conflict of interest.


We have over seventeen years experience in investment management and estate planning. We have never failed to meet a client’s objectives. Our experience encompasses upskilling, accreditations, and keeping abreast of current legislation and trends that benefits our clients. This ensures our clients always receive professional advice that is relevant, current and correct.


We are registered and licensed with the Financial Services Boards (FSB) as an independent financial services provider, meaning we have a legal and ethical duty to put your interests first. Transparency and accountability is the core of our value system. Our clients interests are always secure.


In line with international standards we do not charge commission fees on any investments, we feel that commission fees are contrary to objective advice. The only investment fees we charge are advice and management fees which are agreed on between us and our clients.


Our advisors have university degrees and accreditations ensuring advice of the highest quality. The advice we render is based on clear and correct understandings of the economic fundamentals that govern your investments and estate planning. We pride ourselves in offering investment and risk solutions which are specialised and uniquely tailored to our clients objectives.


We process our clients requests and requirements with the highest sense of urgency.

Our integrated systems and reporting structures are of the highest quality providing prompt real time transparent reports. This ensures all transactions are implemented competently and timeously enabling our clients to make informed correct decisions about their financial portfolios.