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Robert Taylor grew up in a home where money matters were always considered and respected.  After a life changing experience in which he saw those close to him lose their savings to unscrupulous advice, Rob was determined to pursue a career in finance.

Galvanised by this event, he sought out the truth from the labyrinth of investing and worked tirelessly to find solutions for people who would become his lifelong clients. Honest, hard-working people who deserved better returns from what they had worked for.

His vast experience of over 20 years, tempered by this moral compass, means his business – Stocks + Wealth Financial Planning is more thorough than perceived competitors in analysing their current portfolios and finding a better way by letting them see what’s possible.

Rob has a personal relationship with each and every one of his clients. This defined service is evident in the fact that Stocks + Wealth Financial Planning has a 98% client retention rate, manages in excess of a  R100 million in investments and is still engaging and assisting  the same clients that joined him 20 years ago.

Rob’s passion is to help ordinary people sift through the overwhelming amount of information and jargon, always insisting on asking himself “What if this was my family’s money?” This simple question influences the best outcomes for his clients by constructing significantly improved investment portfolios for them.


To be the most trusted, committed and caring financial planners in South Africa.


To secure you and your family’s quality of life.