Holistic Financial Planning

Financial advice plays an important role in guiding you along the best path to achieve a broad range of financial goals.

At Stocks + Wealth Financial Planning we believe there are five factors that generally determine whether investments will perform in line with your expectations and objectives.


The three most significant obstacles to investment expectations are costs, generic strategies and weak processes.

Every investor has a unique set of needs and requirements which requires a holistic understanding and objective interpretation of their  financial position and requirements.

Stocks + Wealth Financial Planning incorporates a unique transparent advice model that assists you in achieving your investment goals by doing three important things.

  • First we incorporate a trusted and tangible process which is followed from the outset of every meeting. This ensures you that you receive credible and personal advice.
  • Implementing bespoke professional strategies that ensure your investment goals are met.
  • Identifying, understanding and reducing complex, hidden and unnecessary costs.

By putting your needs at the forefront of our business we construct and optimize intelligent investment plans that potentially reverse the effects of money lost and secure your investment goals and family’s retirement.

Recurring charges levied on assets under management are borne by individual investors in the form of lower benefits at retirement.

“A regular saver who reduces the charges on his retirement account from 2.5% of assets each year to 0.5% of assets annually would receive a benefit 60% greater at retirement after 40 years, all else being equal. For someone who is a member of a preservation fund for 30 years this increases to 80%.”


*Accumulation in real terms of contributions of R 1 000 per month, assumed to increase by 6% per annum, totallying R1 857 144 after 40 years, and assuming investment growth of CPI+5% per annum.

How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts?

- Robert G Allan