“Focusing is about saying No.”

– Steve Jobs

About Stocks + Wealth Financial Planning

Stocks + Wealth Financial Planning is a leading independent wealth management practice based in Cape Town. We are a licensed financial services provider.

We offer a range of specialized services including local and offshore investments, estate and retirement planning, tax planning, business insurance, and niche investment opportunities.

Our raison d’être is simple – we have a passion for establishing and building relationships with clients that require reliable and committed service. Transparency and accountability is the core of our value system.

 We incorporate the principles of modern finance as well as academic and professional research to help guide our clients through the often complicated, and sometimes counter-intuitive landscape of investment and personal finance. 




The business was founded by Robert Taylor who has over seventeen years’ experience in the investment industry and is a highly respected  financial advisor. He has B Com (Hons) majoring in accounting and strategic management, and a diploma in Financial Wealth Management. He has also completed the industry regulatory exams: RE 1 Level 5 and RE 1 Level 1

Although he regards a strong academic background as essential to rendering a quality financial planning and wealth management service, Rob believes first and foremost that the most valuable commodity in the financial planning profession is trust – built over time. He is passionate about advancing the financial planning profession and is committed to making a difference to his clients’ lives by nurturing their financial security and prosperity.

Rob also believes that embracing a balanced lifestyle is as important as realising the business’s vision. His life interests and passions include wildlife and fine art photography, deep sea diving ( PADI-certified dive instructor), birdwatching, golf, hiking, cycling and astronomy.


Our Vision

To be the most trusted, committed and caring financial planners in South Africa.


Our Mission

To secure you and your family’s quality of life.